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PT Practice Accelerator (PTPA) Program

Over the course of 8 weeks, the PTPA program delivers 8 Modules packed with life-changing content that overcomes the current roadblocks of your practice, and teaches you the tools of how to proceed on a roadmap to prosperity and freedom.

Are you...

  • Tired of scrambling every time payroll is due?
  • Fed up being the last one paid every month?
  • Exhausted by the never-ending hamster wheel?
  • Frustrated by unreliable referrals?
  • Burned-out by the number of hours you work?
  • Discouraged by the lack of growth in your practice?

Well then...you're in the right place!

Just imagine....

  • Waking up every single day knowing exactly what you need to do to grow your business
  • Having reliable referral partners who happily refer patients to you (without ever having to grovel at a physician's front desk again)
  • Having enough money in your operating account to cover payroll 2 weeks in advance
  • Having a predictable stream of income that finally gives you the lifestyle you deserve
  • A management team that always has your back no matter what
  • Waking up on Monday mornings actually excited to go to work
  • Never having to work a weekend again
  • Going away on vacation and never getting an email from your staff again

Imagine no more...

Because that's EXACTLY what you get when you enroll in the PT Practice Accelerator!

By signing up today, you’ll get full access to the 8-week online PT Practice Accelerator.
Here’s a list of the training modules you’ll have to look forward to:

Module 1: Foundation
Every successful business starts with a clear picture of what you want. Learn why having a vision is critical to your company's success and the steps you need to take to make it a reality. 

Module 2: Relationship Marketing
Referrals are the life-blood of any practice. Unfortunately, many business owners are fooled thinking they have to spend lots of money to get new patients in the door. You will learn simple, yet highly effective ways to generate referrals without spending a nickel. 

Module 3: Patient Experience
Word of Mouth referrals don't happen by accident. They happen when you're able to deliver an amazing and consistent experience! Learn how to increase patient compliance, reduce cancellations, and create “raving fans” who love talking about your practice.

Module 4: Right Fit Hiring
Having the right people in your practice is critical for practice success. Get my step-by-step process for recruiting, interviewing and training new hires so you can identify (and retain!) stellar employees. 

Module 5: Time Mastery
Practice owners are BUSY...and so much of our success depends on how well we manage our time. You will learn timeless principles on how to carve out more time on your schedule...even if you're currently working 12- hour days...so you can spend more time working “ON” your business.  

Module 6: Communication
Having the ability to effectively communicate with your staff not only improves productivity and creates a positive culture, but it also reduces administrative headaches. You will learn a simple framework to effectively communicate with your staff...even your most difficult employee.

Module 7: Financial Mastery
Metrics matter. You will learn the essential financial and operational metrics that will help you monitor your practice (even from home)...and use to quickly identify hidden problems that could be costing you thousands of dollars if left un-noticed.

Module 8: Scale and Grow
Whether you want to open up more locations, expand your existing location or perhaps explore a totally new passion project, your practice must be able to operate daily without you (except for periodic maintenance). Learn the steps I used to expand to multiple locations and how I ran the business remotely requiring only a few hours per week.

What Other PT Owners Are Saying...

Invest in yourself, your clinic, your family, and in your life. Jamey has a great skill and talent. Skip the 10 years of trying and mistakes and fast forward the success.

Karn Santikul, PT
NY Sports & Spinal PT

This program has changed not only our business, but our personal life in ways we couldn’t imagine!

Karen Poplaski, PT
Bodywise Physical Therapy

Now I'm enjoying the kind of practice and life I never dared to imagine… I wish I had started this program long before I hit rock bottom.

Willem Verweij, PT
Willem Verweij & Assoc. PT

I am way more focused, calm, less scattered and distracted, and relaxed...the online education is benefitting all staff.

Keith Glasser, PT
Optimal Results PT

This is a fantastic program that everyone can do, no matter where you are in your practice, but if you are suffering and struggling, this is a phenomenal tool to help you begin your rise to greatness.

Steve Thompson, PT
Sport & Spine Therapy

In about 4 months I went from never being able to achieve 85% productivity to 90-94% productivity.

Karen Shuler, PT
Lifestyle Physical Therapy

All step-by-step modules are delivered weekly in “easy to digest” video and written format.  

  Yes! Enroll Me Now 

Plus, When You Sign Up, You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses... Absolutely FREE!  

Bonus #1: Practice Automation Toolkit
Includes over 30 done for you handouts, scripts and checklists. You’ll save a massive amount of time by not having to recreate the wheel. Everything is done for you!  

Valued at: $1997.00  

Bonus #2: Delegation Time Saver Checklist
Free up your time by delegating those painful, energy-draining activities. When you leverage this checklist, you’ll be able to confidently “let go” and focus on the money-making and energy-producing activities you love!  

Valued at: $997.00

Bonus #3: High-Performance Financial Dashboard
This simple, one-page spreadsheet makes it easier to track the KEY practice metrics in your business. You'll be able to identify financial trends that will help you grow your business...FAST!  

Valued at: $997.00

Bonus #4: 4 Q&A Office Hours during the 8-week program
Our Q&A Office Hours provides solutions to our clients most pressing questions and challenges. Our Certified PFU Coaches will provide coaching advice and help clients think through even the most complicated problems and come up with actionable solutions. This group coaching environment also allows clients to learn from others and address problems they didn’t know they have. 

Valued at: $2,200.00

Total Bonus Value: $6,191.00

Regular PTPA program cost: $5000.00

Enroll Today for Just $1997!

That's a whopping $9194.00 in total value savings!

The practice you imagined, the income you want, the lifestyle you deserve...

  • Feel the confidence of knowing that every decision you're making is the right one
  • Do your best, most passionate work
  • Never, ever worry about the "competition" again
  • Pay in cash for the equipment you want
  • Spend your afternoons on the golf course...worry-free
  • Take real vacations (and a lot of them)

100% Money-Back Guarantee
f you’re not happy, I’m not happy… Because your success is our success! This rock-solid guarantee is as good as it gets! If you don’t feel as though this program is everything you expected and more, all you have to do is email us at: support@practicefreedomu.com and tell us “gimme my money back!” and we’ll process your refund as quickly as possible... no questions asked.

Questions/Troubleshooting: support@practicefreedomu.com


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