Results from Practice Owners Who Have Implemented The Practice Freedom Method

"Now that I am out of the weeds I am finding holes in the business that are costing me money. Negotiating new contracts and increasing what I charge, so I get the most out of all of my contracts. Beginning to see the worth of my new position in the company."

- Karen S. (Lake Wylie, SC)

"Our team is much stronger. We got lean and focused on the patient delight. Though NPs were down 25.9%, visits were only down 4.8%. The PTs really sold their POCs and delivered."

- Troy H. (Marlton, NJ)

"Ryan and I were talking the other day and realized that we stopped treating patients in 2020 and put our energy into supporting our staff and growing our practice. We finished the year with 745 more visits and increased our revenue $75k during a pandemic! All we did was follow that you and PFU taught us. Thank you Jamey!"

- Karen P. (Epping, NH)

What You'll Learn Inside

  • Attract significantly more new patients to your practice, reduce patient cancellations by 20% (at least!) and improve the patient experience.
  • Use easy-to-implement strategies to double your income and spend LESS time in the administrative abyss.
  • Hire “A” players to your practice, and improve employee retention and productivity by identifying the key reasons why people leave their job...and it's not what you think!
  • Understand exactly how to implement smooth processes into your practice so your staff is empowered providing you more time to work "ON" your business.
  • And much more!
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Meet Jamey Schrier

Jamey Schrier, P.T. is an author, former practice owner and founder of Practice Freedom U. PFU solely focuses on helping practice owners work less, earn more, and reignite their passion for patient care.

He has helped growth-minded practice owners build a MORE profitable business while working LESS hours in the clinic. In fact, it is required that you work less hours…and focus the hours you do work on the most important things!

He has helped hundreds of physical therapists, occupational therapists, mental health professionals build highly successful practices, make more money without working more hours.

Maybe you’ve been in practice for a while or just starting a cash-based practice. Maybe you’re selling in a few years and you’re looking to maximize your clinic value. Or maybe you want to build your dream practice and spend less time working “In” your practice, less time inpatient care, and the administrative abyss.

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