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You became a practice owner not to get stuck in the weeds of office management; not to be held hostage trying to be everything to everybody; and certainly not to become a gladiator doing battle every day, for every dollar against third-party payers.

You simply want to help others. You want to heal others. And you want to do it on your terms and reap the rewards of the great work you do.

We can show you how to get the freedom you want and deserve.

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  • How to identify the biggest challenges in your practice, and exactly what to do to resolve them.
  • How to Pinpoint areas in your practice where you can improve efficiency so that you can work less and take home more.
  • How to increase both practice revenue and profits without sacrificing quality patient care.
  • How to clarify the big vision for your practice and how you can get there.
  • How to implement a business method proven by 100’s of PT’s, OT’s and health professionals to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

"I finally feel like I am an owner! I have more control of my time and when I am working I’m doing more of what I love to do, my time is more productive and I’m not just keeping myself busy! Thanks Jamey!"

- D. Anderson (CT)

"Now that I am out of the weeds I am finding holes in the business that are costing me money. Negotiating new contracts and increasing what I charge, so I get the most out of all of my contracts. Beginning to see the worth of my new position in the company."

- K. Shuler (SC)

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